Using Knockout.JS for the first time

I was a little daunted. Having never made a single page Javascript application, I am pretty behind the times on frameworks and new-age-javascript-jitsu.

I looked at Backbone, Ember, Meteor, Backbone.Marionette, etc. etc. etc. These all freak me out, so much extra junk I’m not used to, why do I want to make models and such? I just want simple jQuery stuff as far as I can tell. What hidden magic lies in these libraries? How can it be so useful?

I asked on twitter:


#Javascript, I still don’t understand why #AngularJS, #CanJS, #EmberJS, whatever are useful. Is there an open source project demonstrating?

So. To learn why these libraries help out so much, I’ll need to dive into it.

Perfect timing

I’m building a large application for a local company right now, it’s going to be a single page application. I researched for a while, since I’ve never made an SPA before, and I was sooo confused! There are so many options and they all have great communities behind them.

The reason I chose Knockout was its simplicity, the tutorials on the site and the small size of the library.

Here’s all I had to do to use it:

That’s it! Now to modify that I have to do

and it updates on screen! How nice.

#django IRC and excluding django settings with coverage

I can’t believe how helpful #django, #python, etc. are.

One time I was having trouble with django-tables-2 and the creator just so happened to be there… and he personally helped me! Thanks again bradleyayers!

Today I was asking about how to configure coverage to ignore my django settings file and NED BATCHELDER HIMSELF responds!

All I had to do was add the file .coveragerc to the root directory with and bam, it worked! Here’s the settings I ended up using

Backbone, Underscore and Marionette!

A client of ours is just as excited as us about new technology, so we want to do a Single Page Application, where as I’ve only ever used Django + Python + Jquery before.

I’ll be reading:

Over and over tonight!

It seems like we’ll go with Marionette to extend Backbone and we’ll use Underscore’s templating. Pretty pumped!

Quick jquery snippet to make bootstrap tabs remember where they were!

2 Scoops of Django

I got the book 2 Scoops of Django a few months ago and MAN has it come in handy!

The section about abstract model classes really helped me specifically, I can’t wait to read more of it and get into some better habits. Really is a fantastic book.

I recommend anyone interested in seriously developing Django apps reads this, yesterday :)

jQuery newContent plugin

Tracelytics vs New Relic (gevent)

I had been using New Relic for a little while to try and find out what the performance bottlenecks in my code were, that worked for quite some time!

However, as soon as I installed gevent and started playing with that, New Relic stopped working the way I expected. It returned much less interesting metrics, mostly not telling me anything that I could see.

In comes Tracelytics, with a custom gevent module! They even called me up and gave me a personal demo of all of the features they offer! I couldn’t ask for much more. Definitely appreciated it!