Junior Front-end
Developer (Vue, React)

CDA/Spokane   Contract-to-hire   Compensation D.O.E.

You enjoy photoshop and layers, maybe you've attempted to replicate photoshop images with pure CSS. It means a lot to you to make a layout that conveys an idea effectively.

Nice to haves, we can teach you:
  • CSS Grid/Template/Flexbox understanding
  • Comfy in Figma

Junior Backend & Devops
Developer (Django/MySQL)

CDA/Spokane   Contract-to-hire   Compensation D.O.E.

You love data. Making an endpoint go from ~300ms response time to ~30ms response time makes you feel weirdly great. You like writing tests so much other developers look at you weird.

Nice to haves, we can teach you:
  • Travis/Jenkins/CircleCi or otherwise CI/CD understanding
  • Docker
  • Deployment automation (AWS, Heroku, etc.)
  • CPU time/query count complexity understanding

Full Stack Developer

CDA/Spokane   Contract-to-hire   Part-time trial into Full-time   Compensation D.O.E.

You have a strong general understanding all the way up and down the stack, but maybe don't want to specialize in one particular area.

  • Able to interpret specs quickly and implement the API + frontend
  • Emphasis on teamwork
  • You've forgotten more frameworks than most people know


Are you thinking about starting a career in software development?

We're always looking for naturally curious, technical people.

You don't need a degree or professional experience, but you should have small personal projects involving web development. VueJS, React, Django, Express.. whatever! Ideally you're the kind of person staying up late at night because they need to figure something out.

If that's you, give us a buzz!

🚀 [email protected]