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For Truffle Shuffle, a virtual private cooking class provider, our team crafted a comprehensive scheduling platform that streamlined their operations. Our solution automated significant clerical tasks while integrating vital tools such as Zoom, ShipStation, and HubSpot.

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Truffle Shuffle, a SharkTank winner, is a virtual cooking class provider came to us with a very defined need: craft a specific booking system to allow their users a platform to easily book and manage their classes. Along with this, Truffle Shuffle needed a way for these booked classes to communicate with their on-the-ground operations in a seamless way. Their current processes weren't cutting it so they came to us to both brainstorm and craft a solution.
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Truffle Shuffle was scaling to a point where manual excel entries and printing single shipping labels was not going to cut it anymore. Their users expected a seamless online experience and Truffle Shuffle's operations expected a product that integrated with their existing processes. They were manually juggling all their classes and participants through an amalgamation of Zoom, Google Calendar, Shopify, Hubspot, Shipstation, and Excel. They needed a way to automate this if they wanted to grow any further.
This is where CKC came in. The planning was meticulous and the execution was effective. We built a custom booking system that allowed them to move away from shopify altogether. We built a web app with three main pieces: booking solution, user portal, and an admin CMS. Following a subscription based credit model, users could purchase credits and book classes/buy products all in one place. The user portal allowed users to manage their bookings, credits, and account information. The admin CMS allowed Truffle Shuffle to manage their classes, participants, and products. We also integrated with Zoom, Shipstation, Hubspot, and Google Calendar to automate both internal and external operations. This allowed Truffle Shuffle to focus on what they do best: providing a seamless cooking experience for their users.
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At CKC, we recognize that every client has distinct needs, making a one-size-fits-all approach to project management inadequate. We understand that variations in project goals, team dynamics, and technological requirements demand tailored solutions. That's why, at the onset of each project, we prioritize a comprehensive consultation with you. This initial meeting is crucial for us to fully grasp your specific needs and expectations.

For Truffle Shuffle, we opted in for weekly sprints and client meetings. Bug, features, and general issues were handled in a spreadsheet, which aligned with Truffle Shuffle's operations and it's where their team felt comfortable. This all proved quite effective from alpha, to beta, to full scale public launch.
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The magic in Truffle Shuffle came largely from the many third party integrations. Our app integrated with the API's of Zoom, Hubspot, ShipStation, Google, and more to make sure every asepct of the business was covered. The web app was built with Vue.js on the frontend and Django in the backend. We used both Heroku and AWS for hosting services. All of this together delivered a fast, responsive application that was both enjoyed by users and developers.
Vue.js is our preferred choice for frontend development, prized for its flexibility and ease of integration. It's a progressive JavaScript framework that facilitates building interactive user interfaces and single-page applications with an intuitive and declarative coding style. At CKC, we've established an in-house,bootstrapped projectthat enables us to rapidly incorporate Vue.js into a diverse range of projects.
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