The future of many jobs may seem uncertain, even in the Coeur d'Alene and Spokane area.

Upon encountering ChatGPT, it's natural to feel apprehensive, but let's not forget the rooms full of human "computers" in the 1950s. Rather than succumbing to fear, let's predict where this technology is heading and develop skills and tools to harness the power of AI.

Some fun attempts to generate an avatar, using [Midjourney](

The release of ChatGPT revolutionizes AI's role in business, offering our boutique software studio the opportunity to provide clients with innovative solutions. By harnessing ChatGPT, we can develop intelligent chatbots, enhance content generation, and create tailored AI agents to streamline clients' operations and elevate their digital presence.

How we're using AI

Chrome Upwork extension

Respond to job offers quickly by having an AI agent knowledgeable about your business generate proposals for you. Can answer questions like "what frameworks do you know?" or "talk about a recent project like this." Uses OpenAI

Game development

We're leveraging AI to create artwork and large playable maps for our game. We doodle what the map should loosely look like and let AI fill in the rest.

Website redesign

Building a fresh new design around Midjourney.. the one you're browsing right now!

Prompt Wars

A fun website using InvokeAI where users generate images that compete with others based on challenge topics.

AI Agents


  • For fun I made a quick fishing trip travel agent that helps you find the most interesting fishing spots on your journey


  • We're working on training an agent that can do basic coding tasks for us, like a junior engineer that's maybe Sophomore level in college
  • We can provide example tasks, ask for changes, and the agent will do its best to complete the task
  • This can be automated so the agent could look at new tasks, figure out how to do them, and push the code up

How we can help you

Let's say you have a business that needs to do a lot of repetitive tasks, like replying to customer support tickets, or maybe you need to generate a lot of content for your website. We can help you create an agent that can do these tasks for you.

We can also help you create an agent that can be your AI assistant. For example, maybe you are annoyed by scheduling your employees every 2 weeks.. "Sally doesn't get along with Bob, so we need to make sure they don't work together". We can teach an agent about this, provide scheduling needs and requisite information, and the agent will behave like a human scheduler!

Another application is in advertising. Compose a long list of straightforward ads, and let ChatGPT transform them into engaging, high-impact copy, optimizing your marketing efforts with ease.

Fun aside: in the past we helped architect the Codalab platform, which is a platform for hosting AI competitions. Our special piece for that project was the ability to use "docker in docker" for student submissions. This allowed AI research in C#, Julia, R, Python, etc.!

Computers can see!?

Facebook (Meta) created the Segment Anything Model (SAM) using a dataset of 1 billion masks on 11 million images. This is an insane tool that can be leveraged quickly to facilitate a strong AI agent.

Example SAM mask

Maybe you have an assembly line where items are packaged, shipment labels are applied, and then the packages are sent out. What if you could add cameras along the way that help catch any potential problems?

Say you sometimes mix up some shipments, like shipping 1 BOX of items instead of 1 UNIT. An AI agent could be trained to see the difference between a box and a unit.

Maybe sometimes a wheel gets stuck in the assembly line and the boxes start piling up, an AI agent could see this problem and notify the appropriate people.

These ideas are not revolutionary on their own! The novel piece is how simple and quickly this can be done. Instead of needing a research team that can make all of the complex math work, we just teach the AI agents like we teach a new hire. It's flexible and generic.

Autonomous agents

A new thing coming out are Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) agents, like:

  • BabyAGI - A baby AI that has limited memory and functionality
  • ToddlerAGI - Modified baby agi, slightly more advanced
  • TeenageAGI - Has a deep memory, more advanced than toddler
  • AutoGPT - attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous

Let's bring your business into the AI future!

We're using AI right now with multiple clients. One client is developing a new way to manage his pecan farm, leveraging Github Copilot along the way to speed up development.

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