They say the world is now in our hands and the information is at our fingertips. In just one click or touch, information is being presented quickly. That’s why the world of the internet is fantastic as it continues to transform the way we connect with people, share information, and live a quality life.

Located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, CKC is a software web development agency with an experienced and dedicated team. Our team has been using new advanced technologies such as Django + Python, ReactJs, VueJs, and React Native to provide tailored solutions that fit our client’s needs. We strive to help startups and growing businesses create, improve, or fix their app.

It has come to our attention that CKC made it on the top software web development agency list on Clutch in Idaho 2021!. Here’s what our CEO had to say about this huge success:

“It feels amazing to have this recognition after a decade of dedicated service to our wonderful clients.”

— CEO Eric Carmichael

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm based in Washington, DC. Their seasoned analysts conduct interviews with the former clients of companies listed on their site. They also helped various B2B firms from different industries and locations connect clients with business needs.

Thanks to Clutch for providing this awesome service that gives us credibility to our future clients. We assure each of our clients that our team continues to provide top-notch service and wonderful collaboration. Most importantly, we express our heartfelt thanks to our supportive client for the trust they accorded us.

Take a look at what our clients had to say:

To learn more about CKC and our previous software projects, you may visit our Clutch profile.

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