As a small company, recognition is few and far between. So when it does happen, it’s gratifying. Through marketing online, we have grown our clientele and provide opportunities to developers in Couer d’Alene.

It is nice to see that recognized in the newspapers. We enjoyed talking to Kimber London, of the Coeur d’Alene Press, about if AI is talking over the world. While we are currently working on artificial intelligence, we don’t think it will take over the world.

It was fun to talk to Kimber about the idea, tell them about how the company started, and highlight some of our employees. Getting our pictures taken and waiting for the paper to print the story was a fun process and a little peek into how information was spread before the internet helped connect us all. The excitement of our friends and family telling us about how they read the paper and saw us is an experience that seems to slowly be fading away.

There is just something different about holding your article on a piece of paper than just seeing your blog on a screen. Maybe it is the wait for the paper to print the article instead of the instant blog posting that makes it more exciting. We hope to get more articles published in the paper and talk about more exciting and weird subjects such as “is AI taking over the world?”

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