We’re a lean, agile, jack-of-all-trades mix of nerds (that happen to be software developers). The team has experience working with Microsoft Research, Google, University of Paris, The United Nations, CERN, etc.

What we do/who we are

We’re self starters and extremely passionate. You’ll find us outside work setting power lifting records, getting our asses kicked in jiu-jitsu, drilling out rusted bolts in an engine block, making storyboards for a Pixar-like studio, climbing the side of a mountain, leading guild raids in WoW, hunting elk, blasting each other in virtual reality, and so much more.

Eric working with a young programmer

Our home is beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in the Innovation Den startup building. We want to grow with our community, hopefully some day we help run computer camps for kids in the summer!

Our rapid pace attitude aligns best with fresh, disruptive ideas.


Our emphasis is on rapid development processes that leverage the elegance of the Python programming language. Python is currently the fastest growing programming language in the world. The reason: speed.

Not only will we get a product to deployment faster than our competition, that product will stand up to the load of thousands of users without flinching.


We believe speed and reliability can’t be separated. A product created quickly that breaks just as quickly wasn’t really fast in the first place. We create a product that is speedy to launch, but doesn’t require constant upkeep.

To do this, our team utilizes “Continuous Integration” and “Continuous Deployment” practices — which is a fancy way of saying, “Our work is thoroughly tested before it goes out, and it goes out quickly and efficiently.”

Using these automated best practices, we can transition even relatively novice team members into a process that protects production and keeps features coming out. We've integrated with teams and taught them our entire stack from the ground up, left the project, and barely heard a peep because their team was able to solve all of their problems internally.

We also have a deep respect for uptime, one of our main clients is a machine learning competition website. Uptime is critical to us, we're compelled to provide 24/7/365 support and build a rock solid reputation for it. For example, over the last Christmas break, right on Christmas Eve, there was a problem with a competition out of India. CKC was around and ready to take on the problem and fixed it before the kids were even awake!


One of our goals in the next few years is to make a polished product of our own. We're constantly seeking out partners to find the right fit for marketing, sales, and our dev team. We've made small test apps and experiments for:

  • Tracking employee health/fitness/motivation
  • Search and rescue drones
  • Farm-to-table delivery
  • A Pokemon-like game
  • Monitoring Twitch.tv streams with machine learning algorithms
  • Automating our Sprint tasks


We're blessed to be web developers in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

We count ourselves lucky to be in this field, and realize that many others haven’t been afforded the same opportunities we have. There are so many people that never get a second look in this vocation because they don’t have a fancy piece of paper touting their qualifications. We want to give these people the chance they are looking for, so we’re always open to bringing on people without professional programming experience. We look for individuals with talent, not a notarized piece of paper.

If you can code, you can code!

It’s exciting to see Coeur d’Alene grow into a startup environment. Please feel free to shoot us a message [email protected] — thanks!

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